About Firii

Call Me Firii, (some call me Viy, Mom call me Chipil, and Some Others Call me Kodokk)
I am A Moodiest-Cancerian-Girl. Fun and Joy. In-special-relationship with My Gadgets. (at least I'm Not a Lonely Jomblo)
I am Public Health Fighters, and Studying Economics Management.

a Damn Food Lover, a Whole Life Traveller and-Take-a-Bad Photos-there. I also like eating (Culinary) and hei, I love Spicy Food. I like reading novel, watching romantic thriller movie. I am a Red-Holic, Sweet-addict. Fashionista and Shopaholic.
I Like to Design my Own Cloths. I am interested in fashion design, and of course the Hijab. -have high dreams to be a Famous-Designer and MUA-
I Love Coffee, Not too Love but I Drink my Bussy-Morning-Coffee and some My romantic-Evening-Coffee, more cups in my Hot-Afternoon and definitely my Gorjes-Nite-Coffee. Aaah.. Oke I drink it wholeday. The Last But Not Least, I Love rain, I mean, I do really really love rain. and I Love You. :)
I am a Spontaneous Girl, a Sanguin-Melancholy Girl, Perfectionist and idealist (please, i am not that bad). I like to Joke, I Like The Jokes. I also a Big Fan of all the smart people arround the world (good attitude and humble are preferred), I Like to Speak with them. I want to be part of them. #nooffense

also Author of The Frog and firiijb.tumblr.com


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